Perspective: London 2018

October 19, 2018

A couple of days ago I had a great reminder of what initiative can do. Over the space of a few months, one guy asking to meet up for coffee on Facebook turned into a professional event in the Barbican Centre with industry panels, a huge software giveaway and over 100 guests gathered from multiple online composer communities. What was staggering to me is that it was almost singlehandedly arranged entirely by one man - talented Swiss composer Bernard Duc, entirely out of his own pocket.

The event itself was a wonderful evening, with a wealth of talent onstage giving advice on topics ranging from orchestral mic placement in "church halls" (a term used on the night which somewhat undersells AIR Studios and Abbey Road) to balancing a professional life and family when working from home as a musician. Equally as valuable however was an opportunity to meet in person all in one place a lot of the people I'd been chatting with and swapping advice online for months, sometimes even years. All in all, advice was absorbed, software was won, drinks were drunk and fun was had by all.

This dedication to a community of fellow professionals and motivation to put in a lot of effort for little to no financial reward are attributes that I am in awe of, and I would like to give my huge thanks to Bernard Duc, Adonis Aletras and all the other people who helped organise or run the event on the day, all of the panelists that gave up their free time to be there and all of my fellow attendees for making this trip down South an absolute pleasure.

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